dimensions: 15” h 12” w 4” d
materials: maple and mahogany plywood, steel, brass, aluminum, synchronous motor, timing belt and pulleys, electronic relay, magnets

Siblings explores the dynamic balance of personal identity inherent in brother/sister relationships. There are two portraits created within Siblings, a brother and sister. The ages are preteen, a time when a child's identity starts to push familial boundaries. Emotional bonds start to swing to extremes of love and hostility and rivalries and natural competitions arise out of thin air.

Siblings is a kinetic work. Six abstract fragments of wood slowly rotate. Then, for an instant, there is clarity...a portrait emerges for just a fraction of a second before dissolving back into rotating bits of wood. A half turn later the six fragments resolve to create a second portrait. The face turns static for just a moment before dissolving into rotating fragments once again.

We have seen the resolution and dissolution of a boy and a girl, a young man and a young woman...Siblings.

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