collaboration with Ralph Helmick
dimenensions: 36' h 8' w 10' d
materials: cast metal, stainless cable
site: Evanston Public Library, Evanston, IL
commissioned by: Evanston Arts Council

On a formal level, Ghost Writer can be seen as a three-dimensional Pointillist structure. Conceptually, the artwork is a "portrait" of imagination and learning, a metaphor for the creative process.

Over 3,000 varied cast metal forms are precisely located on 900 descending cables. Each element is a sculpture in itself; en masse they articulate a large head within an abstract spiral form.

The head is comprised of 1,500 silver letters, some of which align to spell out words.

ghostwriter_small.jpg ghostwriter2_small.jpg ghostwriter3_small.jpg ghostwriter4_small.jpg
ghostwriter5_small.jpg ghostwriter6_small.jpg ghostwriter7_small.jpg ghostwriter8_small.jpg

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