collaboration with Ralph Helmick
dimensions: 27’ diameter 6” w
materials: steel, aluminum
site: Capital Community College, Hartford, Connecticut
commissioned by: Department of Public Works and the Commission on Culture and Tourism

Latitude encourages new ways of perceiving the world and experiencing location as part of a geographic and temporal continuum.

An unusual timepiece, Latitude is supported on two cross beams in Capital Community College’s soaring five-story atrium. The steel ring moves slowly and silently in synch with the earth, completing one rotation every 24 hours. Each day at noon the gold-leafed silhouette of the city of Hartford arrives at the topmost position.

Latitude is also a map, albeit a fanciful one, and provides a gentle geography lesson. The city of Hartford is located at 41˚7' north latitude. Affixed to the ring are filigreed aluminum symbols alluding to locales around the globe that share this latitude. They provide context in the form of a "slice of life" of which Capital Community College is a part.

It is hoped that this universal view of the world, which can be appreciated by everyone, will have special significance for the diverse and ever-evolving student body of Capital Community College.

latitude_small.jpg latitude2_small.jpg latitude3_small.jpg
latitude4_small.jpg latitude5_small.jpg latitude6_small.jpg

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