collaboration with Ralph Helmick and John Outterbridge
dimensions: 104" h 67" w 80" d
materials: bronze
site: Centennial Square, Pasadena, CA
commissioned by: Pasadena Robinson Memorial Board

Baseball hero Jackie Robinson and his brother, Olympic great Mack Robinson, are memorialized in two monumental bronze portrait heads sited across from City Hall in their hometown of Pasadena. A goal of the project was to evoke an appreciation of their contributions beyond the athletic sphere.

Jackie looks toward the east, past City Hall, where he made is mark breaking the color barrier in professional baseball and became a successful businessman.

Mack looks directly at the front doors of City Hall where he spent his life after the Olympics working directly for the city in many capacities.

From afar the heads are perceived as traditional likenesses. As one draws nearer, however, it becomes apparent that text and bas relief imagery are embedded in their hair, allowing multiple allusions to their accomplishments in politics and community service, as well as sports.

Suspended inside each head is a copy of a cd-rom on their lives, a spin-off/companion project to the memorial.

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