Custom, one of a kind wood portraits of family and/or pets. Reminiscent of classic silhouettes using ink or cut paper, these portraits make great keepsakes and future heirlooms. Each silhouette is designed, carved and finished using Douglas-fir (known for its striking grain pattern and beautiful red hues).

The silhouette blanks are resawed to size from large planks of Douglas-fir leaving the fine bandsaw marks as a light textured surface. The carving creates a planed, smooth surface that provides contrast with the textured blank. Finished in a matte urethane, we draw out the subtle beauty of the silhouette portrait and the wood grain and color.

These highly detailed silhouettes are designed and carved to your unique specification. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, text and hanging options.

6" wide x variable height for vertical layout (For Example: 3-portrait below is 6" x 17")
6" height x variable width for horizontal layout

singlesilhouette_small.jpg multiplesilhouettes_small.jpg adina_small.jpg abbie_small.jpg lauraandevin_small.jpg
family_small.jpg ken_small.jpg caesar_small.jpg fatherandson_small.jpg beveledfamily_small.jpg
carla_small.jpg portraitstands_small.jpg koko_small.jpg doublesided_small.jpg sadie_small.jpg

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